Qorvis boasts a number of award-winning advertising campaigns. From campaign strategy to creative, campaign management to analytics, we deliver the full range of multimedia advertising and media buying and measurement services across TV, print, radio, digital, paid social, search, and programmatic designed to ensure a dominant share of voice in clients’ most critical markets.

Brand Strategy

From well-funded, high-growth startups to the most recognizable brands worldwide, we help organizations of all sizes define themselves, their markets, and their messages to develop a clear and actionable roadmap for brand identity, strategy, and positioning. Our strategic branding efforts help to drive brand visibility and engagement among key audiences in a growing and increasingly complex stakeholder economy.

Crisis & Reputation Management

In our 20-year history, Qorvis has remained the agency clients turn to in the face of a crisis or reputational challenge. We provide the messaging, training, and support our global clients need to be prepared—and to gain control of the most complex situations. We have significant experience building the reputations of companies that have faced challenges in the past and have the goal of developing relationships with stakeholders in all sectors of society.

Influence & Advocacy

Qorvis crafts and conveys messages to ensure clients’ priorities resonate with decision-makers and the people who influence them. We have proven experience across industries and at the local, state, federal, and international levels to drive public policy toward desired outcomes: capital and influence. Qorvis maintains strong relationships with non-governmental organizations and third-party activists, which can help make policy known – and change it.

Creative Design Services

Qorvis’ world-class team of designers delivers high-impact creative so our clients can boldly differentiate themselves from competitors in the market. We have the creative and graphic design capabilities to produce every class of physical and virtual asset from collateral to product packaging, infographics to video, even immersive virtual experiences that inspire brand loyalty and customer engagement.

PR & Media Relations

Qorvis has deep experience with the most widely watched, read, and listened to media organizations in the world. We marry data-derived nuance with an understanding of how to navigate and operate in an increasingly atomized news environment. The result: a message that penetrates, resonates, and convinces. No matter how sensitive the issue or how urgent the immediate crisis may be, we ensure our clients’ side is always heard.

Financial & Regulatory Compliance

In today’s highly regulated markets, it is more important than ever for corporations and state-owned entities to maintain rigorous compliance and reporting systems. Qorvis has worked with some of the largest banks, trading firms, and multinational corporations to establish robust and accepted practices that aid in financial transactions and appeal to officials and policymakers. Qorvis assists clients in designing and implementing compliance procedures and communicating them to financial institutions, officials, and regulatory bodies, as well as internally to clients’ staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Policymakers, regulators, and investors worldwide are increasingly mandating corporations provide a greater level of transparency in their structures and supply chains. We have extensive experience in helping corporations in critical sectors including energy, banking, and manufacturing develop ESG plans and best practices and, importantly, communicate about them to build the policy, investor, and stakeholder support needed to ensure compliance and safeguard reputations.

Lobbying & Government Relations

Qorvis plans and executes highly targeted lobbying and government relations strategies that focus on 1) defining challenges and identifying opportunities before they publicly emerge; 2) articulating access points to insulate clients and advance their agendas; and 3) implementing surgical approaches that ensure results and minimize risks and exposures. Our strategy is a harmony of careful intelligence gathering, data-driven messaging, precise political research, and delicate tactical expertise to safeguard clients’ best interests.

Custom News & Premium Content

Led by writers and editors who have worked for the world’s most influential publications, the Qorvis editorial division delivers the highest-quality original content to help clients achieve policy and reputational goals. From daily news-driven publications for membership organizations—with above-industry-standard open rates—to newsrooms for high-profile events, our content strategy is guided by accuracy, precision, and data. Our premier offering, the custom news platform, combines real, working journalists who have expertise in clients’ niche issues with cutting-edge SEO and digital strategy to ensure the target audience not only sees it, but reads it.

Public Affairs

Qorvis has managed many of the most sensitive and complex global public affairs campaigns. We have represented more sovereign governments than any firm alongside dozens of industry bodies and trade associations. We leverage data-driven message refinement with government relations expertise, grassroots mobilization, stakeholder engagement, digital-first public outreach, and multipronged brand enhancement strategies. And in an industry where turnover is rampant, we pride ourselves in maintaining core clients for more than 20 years.

Research & Intelligence

Qorvis represents the best of a private intelligence firm, an investigative journalism team, and a research analytical institution. We created vertical and highly informative reporting mechanisms that go beyond the public record to allow for a greater predictive quality and probability scoring of future scenarios. We benefit from an in-house polling division with more than two decades of experience gauging U.S. sentiments and opinions, and data analysts who can explain what the raw numbers mean, the political maneuvering entails, and the best courses of action.

Social Media

Our digital experts know how to leverage all of the major social channels as well as identify new and emerging sources of social influence to develop data-driven campaigns designed to humanize brands with unique and contextually relevant content that engages prospects, customers, influencers, and evangelists in real time. The impact: brand integrity and appeal with the most critical audiences.

Web & Digital

Qorvis’ UI/UX strategists combines art and science to design and develop corporate websites, mobile applications, and digital experiences to drive increased brand visibility and customer engagement. We apply state-of-the-art, user-centered design principles with data-driven analytics to architect intuitive, world-class customer experiences purpose-built to achieve measurable competitive and business-critical objectives in an always-on world.